Terms & Conditions

In Ground Lifts and In Ground Exhaust Systems
Break and patch concrete, excavate, remove and dispose of old equipment as required, install new equipment with factory trained technicians, backfill with clean fill, install oil and air lines to vehicle hoist control within the bay designated area ,fill hoist lift with appropriate non-foaming rust inhibiting hydraulic oil, test operations and train employees in use and safety as required.

Prices quoted, inclusions and installations are based on normal concrete and soil and grade conditions defined as – concrete meets manufacturer’s minimum strength and depth requirement, (see manufacturers specifications), and floor has no gas, heat, electric, plumbing data or other utility lines of any kind running through the area that will be excavated. Rack’ M Up equipment assume no liability for damage to any utility line in ground that is damaged as a result of the work directly related to the removal or installation of the vehicle hoist that was not pointed out prior to the job being started.

Subsoil cannot contain water, running water, running sand, buried concrete and or rocks, logs, frost, exhaust system and contaminated or environmentally hazardous spoils. Shoring to prevent cave-in or undermining of existing slab will be charged at time and material and considered as an extra. Recommended excavation sizes are described in the manufacturers lift installation manual. Excavation over and above the prescribed dimensions may result in time and material extras.

Rack M’ Up Equipment assumes NO liability for damage to in floor heat. In floor heat damaged as a result of the installation and or repair process is the sole responsibility of the owner and will be repaired at the owner’s expense.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that; any encounter of the above listed conditions will incur extra costs on a strictly time and materials basis and that any damages due to extra time resulting from encounters with above abnormal conditions are the sole reasonability of the customer.

Rack’M Up will endeavor to assist our customers in the spotting and placement of new lifts.

Delays in spotting new lift locations after the initial placement lasting greater than 30 minutes will result in extra charges.

The integrity, thickness of the concrete floor where the lift will be placed is the responsibility of the customer. Floor thickness must meet manufactures recommending specifications.

  • Extra Charges will be incurred for the following
  • Extra Shimming to plumb lift greater than 3/8”
  • Use of concrete anchor epoxy anchoring due to soft concrete, cracks in concrete or too close to other anchor holes
  • Customers decision to change lift location once installation has begun
  • Existing concrete thickness and or hardness does not meet manufacturers minimum specifications
  • Additional construction time due to severely sloped floors
  • Airlines if required for the operation of the lift located more than 10 feet from lift connection point
  • Install crew is required to prepare or clean up area prior to installation
  • Install crew is required to wait more than 30 minutes to access the installation of the area.

Rack M’ Up Equipment assumes NO liability for damage to in floor heat. In floor heat damaged as a result of the installation and or repair process is the sole responsibility of the owner and will be repaired at the owner’s expense. Any and all permits are the responsibility of the customer. Any job stopped due to lack of permitting will incur charges accordingly.


Unless otherwise stated, installation excludes electrical work. Electrical work should be done by a licensed electrician. Rack’M Up works with a number of licensed electricians and can provide such services as required.

Payment Terms:

50% due on order, 25% due on delivery, 25% due on completion and acceptance of installation; unless other arrangements are agreed to prior to ordering equipment or performing service work.

Payment by credit card will incur a 3.5% processing fee on the balance being paid by credit card.

Any balances or payments that are greater than 30 days will incur a finance charge or 2% per month on the unpaid balance.

Customer agrees to pay any and all collection costs, including liens, attorney, litigation, court or collection costs if customer fails to pay within specified terms.

Customer approves of UCC filing with the State.

Rack’ M Up Equipment Distributors is not responsible for customers lost time, income or business.

Rack’ M Up Equipment Distributors will provide liability and workman’s compensation insurance certificates upon request.

Safety is Rack’ M Up equipments primary concern always – it is the customers responsibility to keep all employees and property clear of an overhead work, excavation, machinery and equipment.

Should circumstance arise to cause or warrant contract cancellation, Rack M Up will refund customers deposit less any expenses incurred, (i.e. restocking fees delivery and freight costs, engineering costs time and material expenses, etc...)